7 Types of Sex Workers – What Are Their Jobs Like?

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There are many professions that have not lost their popularity in centuries, and sex workers are among the most popular ones out of the bunch. One of the reasons why that is the case is the fact that they can easily adapt to the needs and preferences of their clients.

Consequently, there are quite a few types of sex workers out there that you might not be familiar with. Do you want to educate yourself on this interesting topic? If your answer is yes, this article is definitely for you!

Here, you will find a list of the most popular types of sex workers, including independent  ones working on the streets, the ones working in brothels, sex workers working for agencies, call girls, and cam girls. Take a look!

Independent Sex Workers

Independent sex workers are incredibly popular. They operate on their own and are not affiliated with any organizations and agencies of any kind. Therefore, they do not have any supervisors and are in full control of their work.

Of course, this often comes at the cost of having to deal with dangerous and disrespectful clients. Moreover, they often have to buy their own tools and sex toys (such as those on, while brothels can provide their workers with them. 

Despite all that, many independent sex workers want to keep their independence. After all, independence means being your own boss, and there are many people out there who enjoy that kind of freedom.

Brothel-Based Sex Workers

Many sex workers work in brothels. The fact of the matter is that working in a brothel can be much easier than working independently. This is due to the fact that you will have a supervisor who is always there to help you out, as well as a security guard who will protect you from any danger that might appear. 

In addition to that, most brothels have very strict rules about how to act and what not to do when it comes to clients. Due to that fact, it may be a good place for a beginner sex worker. 

Agency-Based Sex Workers

There are sex workers who work for agencies. These agencies usually find jobs for their employees and can offer assistance with preparing the necessary paperwork and other things like that. 

The salaries are higher in these types of agencies, but a big part of them goes to the supervisors. However, agencies are safer than working independently. In most cases, they are much safer than working in a brothel, too.

Call Girls

What about call girls? These sex workers tend to work for escort agencies and are available for hire only by calling them. These sex workers are not tied to a specific location, and they can travel around for work if that is what they prefer. This way, they can make a lot more money than they would if they were to work in just one city.

Today, many call girls have their own websites or pages on their agency’s website. This makes it easier for a client to hire a sex worker that provides the services they need. 

Cam Girls

Cam girls use a webcam on their computer to broadcast their shows online, usually through appropriate websites. These girls make money by charging people to view them stripping, masturbating, or having sex with other people. 

One of the reasons why cam girls can make a lot of money is because they can perform from anywhere. Everything they need is a computer with a stable internet connection, and they can make as much money as they want. Therefore, they can easily travel around the world or perform from the comfort of their home.


There are some sex workers who work in strip clubs and are paid to dance and give lapdances instead of having sex with their customers. These girls will usually wear various types of outfits and costumes, depending on the wishes of their customers. They can make a lot of money this way, especially if they are talented dancers. 

Some of the strippers agree to have sexual relationships with their clients. However, a large part of them does not want to engage with their customers but are happy to just perform on a stage. This can often grow into a conflict, is a client does not understand what exactly these sex workers do. 


Dominatrices are sex workers who engage in BDSM activities with their clients. In a nutshell, their job is to provide their clients with sensual domination. Their clients can be either men or women, and the dominatrices can either work alone or for an agency.

In Conclusion

Now, you know a lot about the most common types of sex workers. If you are interested in learning about the specifics of each type, don’t hesitate to look for more information online. 

However, it is important to note that every type of sex worker has their own specific job description and that they do not necessarily engage in sexual intercourse with their clients. Some of them might not even have sex with any of their clients – and if a client does not understand that, it can often lead to conflict. 

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