Abbie Cornish Nude Scenes From “The Virtuoso” Color-Corrected

Abbie Cornish nude

The video below features Australian actress Abbie Cornish’s latest nude scenes from the new film “The Virtuoso” color-corrected and enhanced.

Of course it is nauseating that an absolutely ancient 38-years-old Abbie Cornish continues to perform in nude scenes (a compilation of her previous ones can be seen here)… Especially since Abbie has really packed on the pounds through the years, and is now a real sow of a slut.

Abbie Cornish sexy

Yes, Abbie should have hung up her udders 15 years ago when they were still somewhat maintaining their shape. Now us pious Muslims are going to have to make it a priority to send her down under… As in the eternal hellfire… Which believe it or not is an even worse place than Australia.

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