Ariana Grande Oral Talents Sex Tape

Ariana Grande lingerie

Pop star Ariana Grande appears to once again display her renowned oral talents in the sex tape video below.

From her days working the Nickelodeon casting couches to her auditions for her recording label’s music executives, Ariana Grande has always impressed everyone with what she could do with her mouth… And this sex tape certainly shows why.

Ariana Grande slave

For despite coming off as an uppity wannabe princess, Ariana Grande no doubt gets down and dirty on some dick, as she deepthroats and tongue baths the balls like a pro… Which makes us wonder what could have been if Ariana would have been sold off to us virile Muslims instead of uber-creep Zionist producer Dan Schneider… For she certainly would have lived a much more rich and rewarding life by spending her days suckling on our enormous hairy ball satchels.

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