Can I have a date with a trans woman and still be straight? 


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With easy access to free tranny porn, being straight these days can be quite confusing. As a straight man, having sexual fantasies with a trans woman is completely normal. But things get a bit twisted when you want to go on a date with a trans woman. There are several ways to see going out with a trans woman as a straight guy. Because it is understandable why you may be thinking going out on a date with a trans woman should make you gay considering a trans woman is a man in a female body. Well, there is no need to rush to a conclusion yet. Let’s first break things down in this article before concluding. 


Who are trans women? 

Now to be able to know if you will still be straight or if you go out on a date with a trans woman, you need to first understand what the term trans woman means. A trans woman is a woman who was originally given birth to as a male. But as she grew, she experienced something called gender dysphoria. This could be a result of hormone replacement therapy. As such, these hormone supplements promoted feminine appearances such as vocal pitch, breast growth, and other attributes. 

In some cases, a trans woman may undergo gender reassignment surgery. What this means is that the anatomical features of the sex and gender assigned at birth are physically removed or altered. Note the terms trans woman and transgender population in general are often confused, but mean quite different things. Transgender is a broad category of individuals that don’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. We can say all trans women are transgender, but not all transgender is transsexual. So, typically trans women don’t look like men, don’t identify with the gender, and in some cases don’t even have the same genitals anymore. 

Who is considered gay? 

Now that we understand who a trans woman is, let’s understand how homosexual or gay relationships work. Now a gay or homosexual is a category of individuals who are sexually attracted to the same gender or sex as them. Homosexuals are not gender-specific, men are gay as much as women as gay. So, as long as a person’s sexual orientation is inclined towards the same gender, such a person is regarded as gay. Gays are a category of individuals that are sexually attracted to individuals of the same gender. 

It is important to emphasize the fact that being gay as a man does not mean being sexually attracted to a birth-assigned male. Or as a woman, being gay means being sexually attracted to a birth-assigned female. Being gay means being sexually attracted to individuals who identify with your gender. So, if as a man, a birth-assigned female chooses to identify as a man, dating such a transgender as a man makes you gay. Similarly, as a woman, if a man chooses to identify as a woman, dating such transgender makes you gay. 

Why you shouldn’t see yourself as gay for dating a trans woman? 

As a guy dating a trans woman doesn’t make you gay because you are not sexually attracted to an individual of your same gender or sex. Trans women identify as women as such they are not referred to as men anymore. So, dating a trans woman is like dating any other female you know. If the reverse was the case and you as a man wants to date a trans man, that would be the scenario that should leave you feeling gay. This is because as a man dating an individual that identifies with your same gender or sex means you are sexually attracted to another man, meaning you are homosexual. 

The idea behind who should be considered homosexual or not is fairly simple. Even though individuals now choose their gender and no longer accept their birth-assigned gender, the whole idea of using sexual attraction to determine if an individual is straight or homosexual hasn’t changed. 


In conclusion, going out on a date with a shemale as a man does not make you gay. In fact, you will remain as straight as a horizontal line. Moreover, at Shesaboy we love to encourage people not to let the guilt of what people will think affect or cloud their ability to follow what their heart wants. We only live once, and everyone is entitled to live his life just the way they want. 

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