Gal Gadot Sucking Dick To Distract From Israeli War Crimes

Gal Gadot lips tongue

Actress and Jewess, Gal Gadot appears to suck dick in the video below in an effort to distract from the ongoing war crimes being committed by Israel against the peaceful Palestinian people.

Yes, this Shebrew slut is clearly sucking down semen to try and draw the degenerate goyim masses’ attention away from atrocities Israel is perpetrating in the holy Muslim land of Palestine right now.

Gal Gadot Israel

For this Mosad minx realizes that the normal propaganda trying to paint the Israeli people as victims is not nearly as effective as it once was…

Especially when videos like the one above of Israelis celebrating the burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (the 3rd most holy site in Islam) are now circulating online.

Gal Gadot nude

Unfortunately for Gal and her fellow hooked nose hebs, no matter how many blowjobs she gives the truth will eventually prevail… And since Islam is the ONE true faith, that means us mighty Muslims will be victorious.

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