Hunter Schafer Nude Transgender (63 Photos And Videos)

Hunter Schafer was born in 1999 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her father, Mac Schafer, was a pastor, and her mother, Kathy Hunter, was a homemaker. Hunter was born a boy and was the eldest son in the family. But from early childhood, she felt like a girl.

Hunter Schafer

Her parents noticed it almost immediately. Katie Hunter recalls: “Hunter was 2 years old. We showed him superheroes. But Hunter wasn’t interested in Superman or Batman — just Catwoman. And then in kindergarten, he started trying on dresses.”

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How Hunter Schafer Decided To Change Her Gender

“In the seventh grade of school, I already understood something about my sexual orientation, but I still did not fully understand the issue of gender identity. So I went to my dad and mom and confessed: I’m a gay boy,” recalls Schafer.

Hunter Schafer Topless

How did Katie and Mac’s parents react? “Of course, we were ready to love our child for who he is. There was no problem. I was more concerned about the difficulties of buying clothes. I just didn’t understand: if Hunter is gay, why can’t I go to the mall and buy clothes at the Gap? Why is this always a problem? Why Hunter is pulling on doll stuff from the women’s department.”

Hunter Schafer Sexy In Red Dress

Hunter himself, meanwhile, began attending meetings of LGBT youth groups. It was there that he first heard the term “transgender”.

Hunter Schafer Tits

And then Hunter Schafer noticed the fluff on his upper lip and everything turned around. “I started to have secondary sexual characteristics. It shocked me. Especially the facial hair. It was something that wasn’t mine, it resonated with my personality. And I didn’t know why.”

Hunter Schafer Spread Legs Wide

Experts call this condition gender dysphoria — this is when a person can not accept their gender status as a man or woman and experiences dissatisfaction because of this.

Hunter Schafer Hot

As a result, Hunter announced to his parents that, most likely, they did not have a boy. They were frightened. “I remember how I tried to persuade: if you are a creative person and you like beautiful things, it does not mean that you are a girl?” – his mother recalls.

Hunter Schafer Sideboobs

Mother and father didn’t hear Hunter until the third attempt. Katie tells how it happened: “The level of his anxiety was so obvious that we couldn’t help but listen and deny the obvious. We realized that we had reached a critical point: either we would listen, or we would lose our child. It hurt, and I cried a lot. Because I knew it was time to let go of who we thought our child would be.”

Hunter Schafer Sexy

Hunter’s dad, Mac Schafer, adds: “The summer camp hosted a fashion show on the last night. And Hunter came up to me the morning before the show and said, ” Dad, do you mind if I wear heels?” Inside, everything in me screamed ” No, no, no.” But out loud, I said, ” Of course.” I think it was on that day that the story of the sex change became a reality for me. And I began to get used to the idea that I was no longer raising my son.”

Hunter Schafer Sexy Legs

How Hunter Schafer Changed Her Gender

Hunter Schafer talks about his transition period in great detail. “First, I had to meet with a therapist and a psychologist for a year. They had to confirm that my feelings were not a teenage whim. To be honest, it seemed strange to me: why an outsider decides who I should be. But I got a referral for hormone therapy. Thanks to her, my development as a man was interrupted. My parents were worried that the male hormone blockers were harmful and that I would be put on them forever. But it turned out to be a myth.”

Hunter Schafer Transgender

What Happened To Hunter Schafer After The Sex Change

Hunter says she was thrilled when the hormone therapy took effect. “I looked at myself and couldn’t believe it: “Ooo! I look more feminine! Ooo! And now I don’t look like a boy at all! I especially liked it when people who didn’t know my story didn’t even know I was born a guy.”

Hunter Schafer Sexy

So at the age of 16, a girl named Hunter Schafer entered the world. And her classmates very quickly got used to talking about her not “he”, but “she”.

Hunter Schafer Fappening

Modeling Career Hunter Schafer

After high school, Hunter Schafer enrolled at the UNC School of the Arts in her native North Carolina. And at the age of 18, the girl signed a contract with the Elite Model Management modeling agency and moved to New York. Soon, she was performing at Dior, Helmut Lang, Miu Miu, Rick Owens, and Marc Jacobs shows. She also posed for Vera Wang.

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How Hunter Schafer Got Into The TV series “Euphoria»

Schafer worked in New York, but planned to move to London to study fashion design at the famous St. Martin’s College. And then her agency announced that they had received an invitation to audition for the series “Euphoria”.

Hunter Schafer In Stockings Hunter Schafer Euphoria 2021 Hunter Schafer Hot Hunter Schafer Tits In Red Dress Hunter Schafer Sexy Tight Dress

“I only agreed because I was curious. And because of the money. After all, impressions do not bring big earnings. While I was a model, I lived from paycheck to paycheck. However, I did not even think about starting an acting career. But I was invited to the second drying, and then to the third. And I started falling in love with my character,” Hunter says.

Hunter Schafer Nude

It is interesting that Hunter Schafer is proud of her femininity obtained through medication. She is happy to shoot nude in candid photo shoots. And in the TV series Euphoria, where she starred with Hollywood stars Hunter Schafer is the only one who so shamelessly undressed and posed in sex scenes. Note that Zendaya did not undress in this film.

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Hunter Schafer Sexy

Let’s not forget that Hunter Schafer has turned into a very sexy girl. Beautiful natural tits of medium size, blonde hair and blue eyes. Slender legs and a very attractive face. You would never have guessed that this is a transgender person. Check out the sexiest and most feminine photos of Hunter Schafer proving that she is now a girl, not a man!

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