Katy Perry With A New Extreme Hair Shade (3 Photos)

Katy Perry knows exactly how to make a real show out of pregnancy. From the very first months, the singer promoted her interesting position and emphasized the status of the future mother, however, sometimes in the most shocking ways. The popular performer every time proves that because of pregnancy, she does not intend to “slow down” — the work of a superstar is work. In another instagram post, she vividly announced her participation in the music festival Tomorrowland. And she did it in the most juicy way possible.

Pregnant Katy Perry With A New Extreme Hair Shade

The 35-year-old firework singer shared her stage outfit with fans, which included a long orange wig styled with funny “horns” and a dress of an identical piercing hue with purple feathers in the trim. Perry’s hairstyle reminded us of the sensational cartoon “Trolls” with bright hair of the main characters and the movie”The Fifth element”.

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