Krysten Ritter Gets Naked Due To Global Warming

Krysten Ritter nude

Actress Krysten Ritter strips naked due to a heat wave in the scandalous selfie photos above.

Krysten Ritter nude

Us pious Muslims have always considered “global warming” to be a blasphemous conspiracy theory cooked up by Zionists who are jealous over Allah blessing the great Islamic nations in the Middle East with vast riches from fossil fuels… But if the earth warming from CO2 is going to cause brazen whores like Krysten Ritter to showcase their blasphemous nude female bodies like this more frequently than something must be done…

Of course that something should be an increase in lapidations. For not only are Sharia stonings extremely effective at dispatching exhibitionist floozies like Krysten to the eternal hellfire, but they are also environmentally friendly as stones admit no greenhouse gases.

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