Milla Jovovich Full Frontal Nude Scenes From “.45” Enhanced

Milla Jovovich nude

Actress Milla Jovovich shows off her rock hard tit toppers and hairy pubic bush in the full frontal nude scenes from the film “.45” in the video below.

Milla Jovovich’s nipples are certainly of a high caliber… And by that I don’t mean that they are of great value, but rather that they are actually shaped like .45 caliber ammunition (which is clearly where this movie gets its name from).

Milla Jovovich nude

In fact, it looks as though that in a pinch Milla’s milk valves can be chopped off with scimitar and loaded into a handgun for additional ammo… Of course that is something us powerful Muslims no longer be concerned about now that the US military has provided us with billions in weaponry (including bullets) in their cowardly haste to retreat from Afghanistan.

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