Miss Universe Sex Tape Enhanced In HD

Miss Universe Japan Trinidad

The video below features the (in)famous lesbian threesome sex tape video from the 2008 Miss Universe pageant between Miss Trinidad Anya Ayoung-Chee and Miss Japan Hiroko Mima, remastered and enhanced in high definition.

Clearly this man tricked Miss Trinidad and Miss Japan into believing that he was a virile Muslim so that they would give up their sex holes to him… Despite the fact that the homofaggy “man bun” and pathetically tiny penis should have been a dead giveaway that he was an imposter.

Miss Universe sex tape

Regardless, Miss Japan gets her sphincter stuffed by this shyster while Miss Trinidad fingers her sin slit…

Miss Universe sex tape

Proving once again that beauty pageants are blasphemous events that promote degeneracy, as women should only be put up on a stage and judged to evaluate their ability to function either as farming equipment or a breeding apparatus.

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