Nelly Ermolaeva Nude (40 Photos)

Nude Nelly Ermolaeva photos.
Nelly Ermolaeva is a TV presenter, singer, actress, former member of the popular TV project ‘Dom 2’. Before joining the reality show she SGAKI (Samara state Academy of culture and arts) majoring in ‘tourism and excursion activity’. Nellie also managed to gain experience as a model.
A hot brunette from Samara appeared all over the country that is on the TNT channel in the TV show Dom 2.

After the TV show, Nelly Ermolaevais tired to be creative and build a career. She not only writes songs, leads a variety of activities, but continue the operation model, working with many popular photographers. Ambitious babe is visiting acting classes and wants to be in a movie. By the way, she has already received the offer to star in the film, is in a cameo role.

The former participant of the project ‘Dom 2’ is engaged in charity helping sick children. The first charity concert Nelly arranged for nine-year-old Masha. She offered the girl’s parents their assistance. Proceeds from the concert were tangible help in the treatment of a sick child.

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