Patricia Barzyk Nude Scenes From “The Unsewing Machine” Enhanced

Patricia Barzyk nude

The video below features French actress Patricia Barzyk’s full frontal nude scenes from the 1986 film “The Unsewing Machine” remastered and enhanced.

As you can see, these Patricia Barzyk nude scenes had the potential to be extremely erotic… As they featured a woman with all-natural bulbous bazooka boobies and a hairy pubic burka being held at gun point by two men.

Of course leave it to the tasteless and inept French to completely bungle this halal set up, as instead of gang banging Patricia they take her to prance around outside. With their complete lack of cultural refinement being reflected in their films like this, is it any wonder that the French have allowed themselves to be quickly overrun by Western African tribesmen?

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