Paulina Gaitan Nude Scenes From “The Souvenir” Brightened And Enhanced

Paulina Gaitan nude

The video below features Paulina Gaitan’s nude sex scenes from her new Amazon Prime film “The Souvenir” brightened and enhanced.

As you can see Paulina Gaitan once again shows off her acting talents by exposing her Mexican mammaries and bulbous booty (see more here) while playing what I can only assume is some sort of slutty hotel maid (or possibly roadside orange stand operator).

Surprisingly Paulina’s fat greasy slob male co-star steals the show in these sex scenes… As he uses his boy burrito to vigorously drill Paulina’s lady taco, yet remarkably fails to flip her over and pound her plump posterior.

Paulina Gaitan topless

Of course it should come as no surprise that a lazy Mexican would leave a job half done like this, for he was no doubt eager to go drink a “cervezas” and take a “siesta”.

Paulina Gaitan leotard

You better believe that if a virile Muslim man was cast in this part, he’d have blasted Paulina’s booty so hard that she’d have to crawl back across the border.

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