Sex-Positive Feminism And How Women Are Active Live Boy Cam Users


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The view of porn by feminists range from outright condemnation of porn as a promoter of violent behaviors towards women to promotion of patriarchy views, and some seeing it as an effective channel for feminists to freely express themselves. There is no denying that feminism and pornography has been one of the most keenly debated topics in human history.

Without a doubt, this never-ending debate shows a big concern clouded on feminist views on women sexuality and is inherently linked with views on BDSM, prostitution, and other issues such as the view and treatment of women as mere sexual objects. This has contributed in no small measures to making porn unarguably one of the most controversial and divisive topics in feminism. This wide division is noticeably inherent, as showed in the feminist sex wars that happened in the year 1980. This sex war pitched pro-porn activists against anti-porn activists.

The Truth About Sex Positive Feminism

In the mid-1990s, there was an unprecedented rise in sex positivism, and this resulted in more sex-positive feminists who were keen on fighting and eradicating subvert social views and discriminatory ideas that surrounded women and sexuality. 

Sex-positive feminism has a wider view on some of the bigger effects that hegemonic and normal porn has on women. This is because women are widely encouraged to engage in sex in a truly expedient way. However, there is a downside to the prerogative. If women do not enjoy sex in an expedient manner, they could be terms as prudes and if on the other hand, they enjoy it way too much, they could be referred to as sluts.

In line with some sex-positive feminists, many anti-pornography discourses advertently or inadvertently ignore and trivialize the women’s sexual positivity. It has been widely postulated that the idea that pornography equates to violence is an archaic idea that holds no water when tested against current realities.

Despite the fact that sex-positive feminists have a wide range of view regarding porn, the main aspect of sex-positive feminism features a strong resistance of stigmas usually linked with women sexuality and the call for a vivid and willing consent. There are many sex-positive feminists who are of the opinion that pornography actually subverts many widely held beliefs about women’s sexuality, such as ideas insinuating that women do not like sex in general, or they only enjoy conventional sex or enjoy it in a relational context.

How Sex-Positive Feminists Are Active Live Boy Cam Users

The primary aim of sex-positive feminism is to promote a society in which women sexuality can be practiced in a healthy, safe and non-exploitative circumstance. This can be achieved through the breaking up of the phallocentric and heteronormative structure that contributes to the acceptance and inclusiveness of narrations that have previously been ignored in porn.

Sex-positive feminism has seen more and more women embrace live boy cam.  Looking at it from a candid perspective, live boy cam is not as popular or widely glorified or debated like its live cam girls’ counterpart. Nevertheless, there are an ever-increasing number of women who use live boy cam.


These women, according to several researches, have been found to hold sex-positive feminism views. Based on a research result from a General Social Survey which comprised of results from more than 14,000 women participants, Western University, Ontario, researchers examined if the participants had consumed any pornography such as live boy cam within the last twelve months and if they considered themselves as feminists. The researched also looked at the consumption of pornography content and women and their view on abortion, working away from home, the workforce, and traditional gender roles to ascertain the link between sex-positive feminism and women who watch live boy cam.

As opposed to widespread belief that watching pornography contents promotes patriarchy in women, the Western University, Ontario, researchers found that women who watch porn and live boy cam actually hold sex-positive feminism views. According to the results of the research, they also behave more positively towards other women, even if they are in position of powers, and are more likely to support abortion.

It is not exactly certain how much of an influence live boy cam has on the sex-positive feminism view of women, but what is certain is the live boy cam users hold a more sex-positive feminism view compared to non-live boy cam users.

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