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It’s no secret that getting to the top of show business in general and the pop scene in particular is incredibly difficult. And the stage activity itself is not only applause, glamorous parties, insane fees and a luxurious life, as it may seem to someone. Only daily hard labor helps the artist to stay on top. In addition to concerts and rehearsals, you must participate in a wide variety of events and PR-actions

That is why on the Internet and in other media you can find a lot of very candid photos of celebrities. It would seem, why should successful and rich stars of the scene participate in sessions like Chanel West Coast nude and the like? The reasons are the same:

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  • fulfillment of obligations under various advertising contracts;
  • regular “heating up” of interest in one’s own person and an increase in the army of admirers;
  • realization of your own ambitions and even the desire to safely equip your personal life.

And there is nothing wrong with that, if we are not talking about outright pornography. After all, the beautiful curves of the body and the ideal forms are always pleasant to the eye. And not only male, but also female. And the stars of show business gladly delight the eyes of their fans.

Candid photos of singer Dua Lipa

As an example of literate PR on the “bare” can result in a model and a singer, known as Dua Lipa. Being a very successful model (she even managed to become the face of Adidas), the 23-year-old girl does not forget about the singer’s career, attracting numerous fans with non-standard vocal abilities.

Of course, the career of a singer and especially a model implies constant participation in various photo shoots. But, in addition to the purely advertising sets, you can easily find very frank photos of the star. Dua Lipa nude photo samplers regularly appear on the net, where the rebellious spirit of this glamorous beauty is fully manifested.

But at the same time, these rather erotic and teasing pictures have nothing to do with poaching. On the contrary, they contain a large proportion of riddles and even secrets, for all their eroticism. And regardless of whether it is staged shots or caught by numerous paparazzi. And often such photos excite the heart and awaken fantasies much stronger and brighter than flashy images of naked female nature!

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